Where to start?

Look. Things, in the United States of America, are crazy right now. And we keep hearing about the white working class that sprung this horrible mess on us because they suffered from economic anxiety. Maybe that's even true. 

But what is also true is that the half of the "working class" in America is women. And per the Department of Labor, in 2013, 48% of low-wage jobs were held by women of color.  "In 2015, Black women continued to have the highest labor force participation rate among women—59.7 percent—compared with 56.4 percent of White, non-Hispanic women; 55.2 percent of Asian women; and 55.7 percent of Hispanic women". That's a lot of women at work, and yet I haven't seen a lot of articles in major newspapers talking about how they feel about the State of the Union. 

I aim to change that. But in podcast form. Soon. 

How about you stick around and watch how it goes?